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The RIMS Canada Council (RCC) is a standing committee of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS).  The RCC addresses the strategic initiatives of RIMS and risk management issues in Canada.
Each of the ten Canadian RIMS chapters elects a board member to be their representative to the RCC.  The chairs of the RCC's two subcommittees, the National Conference Committee (NCC) and the Communications and External Affairs Committee (CEA) also attend RCC meetings.

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RCC Mission

The RIMS Canada Council addresses the interests of Canadian RIMS members and their chapters in support of RIMS mission.

RCC Strategic Objectives

  1. Bring the Canadian risk management community together, through a conference that delivers valued professional development and networking opportunities.

  2. Connect Canadian chapters to share resources and best practices, to improve the Canadian RIMS member and volunteer experience. 

  3. Provide Canadian members with a distinctively Canadian perspective on risk management and RIMS, through communication on multiple platforms.

  4.  Develop a Canadian advocacy role for risk management in terms of policy and legislation.

RCC Members


Chair - Ren Lips, Ontario

Vice Chair - Dave Jackson, Saskatchewan

Treasurer - Valerie Barber, Manitoba

Secretary - Lynda Lyttle, Northern Alberta

CEA Chair - Ben McAllister, British Columbia

NCC Chair - Steve Matterson, British Columbia

Voting Members

British Columbia - Jennifer Clarke
Northern Alberta - Tanya Stegmeier 
Southern Alberta - Curtis Desiatnyk 
Saskatchewan - Dave Jackson
Manitoba - Tim Lucko
Ontario - Tina Gardiner 
Canadian Capital - Maureen Graham
Quebec - Stephane Cossette 
Newfoundland and Labrador - Debbie Savoury 

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RCC Subcommittees

National Conference Committee

National Conference Committee (NCC)

The National Conference Committee is a sub-committee of the RIMS Canada Council. Its job is to coordinate the RIMS Canada Conference on a national level.

Mandate of the National Conference Committee:

  • Advise RIMS Canada Council on policy and guideline recommendations for conference planning.
  • Act as both a resource and a liaison to local planning committees, the RIMS Canada Council and the national event planner.
  • Ensure that local planning committees and the national event planner meet their obligations to the RIMS Canada Council.
  • Be a proponent for change where necessary to ensure the conference meets the needs of its stakeholders.
  • Monitor and evaluate sponsorship at conferences in conjunction with the local planning committee.
  • Co-ordinate contacts with future conferences committees and the national event planner.


National Conference Committee Members 2017

Chair & Key Contact: Toronto Conference - Steve Matterson, British Columbia

Vice-Chair & Key Contact: St. John's Program - Bill Baker, Northern Alberta

Secretary - Sue Mepham, Saskatchewan

Key Contact: St. John's Program -  Len Cheryk, Southern Alberta

Key Contact: Toronto Program - Cyndi Ruff, Southern Alberta

​RCC Liaison:  Val Barber, RCC Treasurer, Manitoba

National Event Planner

RIMS Meetings and Events Management Department handles the Conference, Exhibitor and Sponsor registration and housing for the RIMS Canada Conference.  

  • Contact: Stuart Ruff, Director, Meetings and Events at 212-655-6051 or sruff@rims.org.

Communications & External Affairs Committee

Communications and External Affairs Committee (CEA)

The Communications and External Affairs Committee focuses on:

  • Internal communications, facilitating information sharing among Canadian RIMS members, Canadian RIMS chapters, RCC RIMS
  • External communications with media and other associations
  • Government relations, presenting the viewpoint of Canadian risk managers to federal and provincial governments and regulatory bodies

Communications and External Affairs Committee Members 2017

Chair - Ben McAllister, British Columbia

Newsletter Editor - Aaron Lukoni, British Columbia

Conference Giveaways - Angela Haywood, Southern Alberta

Social Media/Newsletter Support - Melissa Ng Wan, Quebec

Industry/Regulartory Liason - Tara Lessard-Webb, Ontario

Industry/Regulartory Liason - Chelsea Hazewinkel, Northern Alberta

RCC Liaison:  Lynda Lyttle, RCC Secretary, Northern Alberta