About The RCC


On behalf of the RIMS Canada Council, we would like to welcome you to our website.

The RIMS Canada Council is a sub-committee of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. It addresses the interests of Canadian RIMS members and their chapters in support of RIMS mission – “To Advance Risk Management for Your Organization’s Success.”

The RIMS Canada Council is here to serve our Canadian RIMS chapters and members, and we invite you to reach out to us, as we are here to assist you.
Through this website and various other means of communications, we will continue to keep you well informed of issues occurring within the risk management and insurance industry. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or requests you may have at mebershipdept@rims.org or by calling 212-286-9292.

– RIMS Canada Council

RCC Mission

The RIMS Canada Council addresses the interests of Canadian RIMS members and their chapters in support of RIMS mission.

RCC Goals

  1. Bring the Canadian Risk Management Community together
  2. Connect Canadian chapters to education, shared resources and best practices
  3. Advocate for Canadian members
  4. Support Canadian chapter sustainability

RCC 2022 Members

Chapter Representatives

British Columbia: Gloria Gao
Northern Alberta: Christine Maligec
Southern Alberta: Suzanne Lewis
Saskatchewan: Naomi Griffin
Manitoba: Stacie Laurencelle
Ontario: Michelle Drew
Canadian Capital: Malcolm Watson
Quebec: Virginia Tutino
Newfoundland and Labrador: Suzanne Kenny
Maritime: Andrea Cameron


Chair: Steve Pottle
Vice-Chair: Jacqueline Toering
Treasurer: Bill Baker
CEA Chair: Aaron Lukoni
NCC Chair: Valerie Barber
Secretary: Tara Lessard-Webb

RIMS Support

RIMS Board Liaison: Kristen Peed
RIMS Senior Member and Chapter Programs: Will Gilchrist
RIMS COO, GRMI President & RCC Staff Liaison: Annette Homan

National Conference Committee (NCC)

The National Conference Committee is a sub-committee of the RIMS Canada Council. Its job is to coordinate the RIMS Canada Conference on a national level.

Mandate of the National Conference Committee:

  • Advise RIMS Canada Council on policy and guideline recommendations for conference planning.
  • Act as both a resource and a liaison to local planning committees, the RIMS Canada Council and the national event planner.
  • Ensure that local planning committees and the national event planner meet their obligations to the RIMS Canada Council.
  • Be a proponent for change where necessary to ensure the conference meets the needs of its stakeholders.
  • Monitor and evaluate sponsorship at conferences in conjunction with the local planning committee.
  • Co-ordinate contacts with future conferences committees and the national event planner.

National Conference Committee Members 2022

Chair: Valerie Barber, Manitoba

National Event Planner

RIMS Meetings and Events Management Department handles the Conference, Exhibition and Sponsorship registration and housing for the RIMS Canada Conference.

  • Contact: Stuart Ruff-Lyon, Vice President, Events & Exhibitions at 212-655-6051 or sruff-lyon@rims.org.

Communications And External Affairs Committee (CEA)

The Communications and External Affairs Committee focuses on:

  • Internal communications, facilitating information sharing among Canadian RIMS members, Canadian RIMS chapters, RCC RIMS
  • External communications with media and other associations
  • Government relations, presenting the viewpoint of Canadian risk managers to federal and provincial governments and regulatory bodies

Communications & External Affairs Members 2022

Chair: Aaron Lukoni, British Columbia
Newsletter Editor: Pascale Samson