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"Developing a cogent supply chain response to the coronavirus outbreak is extremely challenging, given the scale of the crisis and the rate at which it is evolving...there are measures that can be taken now even if you’re not fully prepared." https://bit.ly/3abnfQ2

Explore #riskmanagement in the context of music with #RIMS2020 keynote, Kai Kight! This innovative composer and classical violinist uses his mesmerizing and original violin performance to inspire unique ideas in a world that celebrates conformity. https://bit.ly/2PpbTQv

“We’re in the midst of an epidemic. It hasn’t yet been classified as a pandemic yet by the World Health Organization—but I suspect that’s not far off.” RIMScast discusses the coronavirus, and what risk professionals need to know. https://bit.ly/2uVbwGr

The weather in Denver, CO in May is some of the best of year. So is the risk management expertise you'll learn at #RIMS2020. Grab your business cards and get ready. Registration rates go up Friday, February 14 at 11:59pm EST. #earlybird #RIMS2020 https://bit.ly/2UHHeS2

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