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Crisis risks have evolved and it is even more critical that #riskprofessionals understand how to adapt to these changes and put the correct safeguards in place to better protect their employees and patrons. This is a must-listen episode https://bit.ly/40fFyyt #activeshooter

2022 was filled with disruption, experimentation and innovation, and #riskmanagement continued to be front and center as an essential strategic consideration. RIMS evolved to support, and serve risk professionals around the world. Onward to new possibilities in 2023!

Do you need to convince your boss that you should attend RISKWORLD? This guide is for you. It includes goal setting templates, cost breakdowns and more. Download this handy toolkit and be ready to change your world at https://bit.ly/3j6Iw7M #RISKWORLD #riskmanagement

Learn what risk professionals need to rethink or reevaluate in 2023, the top three cybersecurity issues that will have the largest impact, advice regarding cyber and ransomware attacks, and more. Listen at https://bit.ly/3CU0gKe
#riskmanagement #cybersecurity #rimscast

“The best thing that businesses can do [regarding human trafficking] is to continue to train, continue to educate, continue to get ahead of the curve in terms of what traffickers are doing.” Listen to this important ep https://bit.ly/3GsX2hH

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