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On July 16, join us at Insurance Connect, a virtual event for insurance professionals. We're hosting a session on risk management in the time of COVID-19. Connect with your peers and learn from experts within the industry. Register for free at https://hubs.ly/H0rShgk0

RIMScast welcomes back Luke Wilson. He outlines some of the best practices for good cyber hygiene; shares some of the major takeaways he has learned over the course of the pandemic; and explains how COVID-19 is opening the door to cyber-attacks. Listen at https://bit.ly/3fjxTak

Dr. Adrian Hyzler is back to RIMScast and shares key steps to safely reopen in the summer of 2020, how to ensure employees are prepared to return to work, and how other countries have responded to the virus. https://bit.ly/38ilbX0

#riskmanagement #covid19 #summer

Dr. Adrian Hyzler, CMO at Healix Intl, provides an update on #COVID19 now that businesses are reopening. He talks about recent events that have affected the trajectory of the pandemic, and his tips for ensuring employee safety when returning to work. https://bit.ly/3dvz6tr

As promised, the RIMS TAKING ACTION: Confronting Racial Biases in Risk Management conversation is now online for everyone. We hope it inspires you to help make positive changes in your organizations and communities. Watch the replay at https://bit.ly/3fjEGAK #diversity

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